Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012

Date: Saturday 10 December 2012
Venue: HMH Arena, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Voting system: 
Number of countries: 12
Hosts: Kim Lian van der Meij and Ewout Genemans

12 countries took part in 2012 including three debuts from Albania, Azerbaijan and Israel. The slogan was Break The Ice. Previous Dutch winner Ralf Mackenbach performed during the interval with Kim-Lian van der Meij, who was one of the hosts, alongside the other participants.

Ukraine scored its first victory in Junior Eurovision with the song Nebo performed by Anastasiya Petryk. Georgia finished second with Armenia third.


Country Performer Song Points Place
1 flag_Belarus_ico Belarus Egor Zheshko A More-More 56 9
2 flag_Sweden_ico Sweden Lova Sönnerbo Mitt Mod 70 6
3 flag_Azerbaijan_ico Azerbaijan Omar & Suada Girls & Boys (Dünya Sənindir) 49 11
4 flag_Belgium_ico Belgium Fabian Abracadabra 72 5
5 flag_Russia_ico Russia Lerika Sensation 88 4
6 flag_Israel_ico Israel Kids.il Let The Music Win 68 8
7 flag_Albania_ico Albania Igzidora Gjeta Kam Një Këngë Vetëm Për Ju 35 12
8 flag_Armenia_ico Armenia Compass Band Sweetie Baby 98 3
9 flag_Ukraine_ico Ukraine Anastasiya Petryk Nebo 138 1
10 flag_Georgia_ico Georgia The Funkids Funky Lemonade 103 2
11 flag_Moldova_ico Moldova Denis Midone Toate Vor Fi 52 10
12 flag_Netherlands_ico The Netherlands Femke Tik Tak Tik 69 7



Kim Lian van der Meij and Ewout Genemans



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