Date: 04 February, 2007
Venue: Théâtre de Beaulieu (Lausanne, Switzerland)
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Number of countries: 0
Slogan: Open Up

The 12th edition of the Eurovision Young Dancers competition was supposed to take place in Lausanne (Switzerland) on February 4, 2007, but unfortunately in the end, the event did not take place.

For the 2007 Eurovision Young Dancers competition, both the European Broadcasting Union and the Swiss broadcaster SRG SSR Idée Suisse had decided to collaborate with another existing competition, the “Prix de Lausanne”, an annual competition that had taken place since 1973 with young artists from all over the world aged between 15 and 18. This competition was mostly focused on classical dance, but nowadays an award for contemporary dance is given as well.

However, due to internal reasons, the 2007 Young Dancers competition did not take place, but the Prix de Lausanne did, and the winner was Park Sae-eun, from South Korea.







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