Date: 9, 11 & 13 May 2017
Venue: International Exhibition Centre (Kiev, Ukraine)
Voting system: 1-8, 10 & 12 points. Jury + Televoting 50%
Number of countries: 42
Hosts: Oleksandr Skichko, Volodymyr Ostapchuk & Timur Miroshnychenko
Slogan: Celebrate Diversity

Once again, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) celebrates the Eurovision Song Contest, as it has been an uninterrupted annual tradition since 1956. The current edition will be the sixty second one, which will be celebrated in Kyiv (Ukraine) due to Jamala’s triumph given to the former Soviet country performing the self-composition “1944” last year in Stockholm (Sweden).

Natsionalna Telekompaniya Ukrainy, also known as NTU, will be the broadcaster in charge of celebrating the contest. This channel was considering several options to host the festival, among which were Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkov, Jerson, Leopolis and Odessa. Finally, on September 9th, 2016, the news became official; the European song contest would be held in Kyiv for the second time in its history, as the city already hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005.

Unlike the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, which was held at the Kyiv Sports Palace, the current edition will be held at the International Exhibition Centre. This year’s Eurovision venue is the largest exhibition centre in Ukraine which was designed by the architect Yanush Wig and inaugurated in October 2002. It has got an area of 58,000 square metres divided into three pavilions, having a global capacity limited to 13,000 spectators.

Regarding the slogan and the logo, they were presented by the host television network on January 30th, 2017. This year’s slogan is Celebrate Diversity. According to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) executive supervisor, Jon Ola Sand, this slogan serves as a spirit of inclusion for all European countries to jointly celebrate something in common regardless of the differences between the participating countries; an aspect that always has been present in the contest values. The logo has been a design of Republique i Banda and it is a typical necklace of the Ukrainian folklore dress called Namysto. In the graphic representation of the same, we find a set of various spheres, each one with a different external stamping and which, according to the one who was initially named executive producer of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, Victoria Romanova, refers to a combination between “the traditional and the modern”, reflecting the current Ukrainian society.

The stage, set up at the International Exhibition Centre, was unveiled on the morning of January 31st, 2017 in an official press release from the event organization, just two hours away from the Semi-final Assignment Draw at Column Hall in Kyiv. The design is the work of the German Florian Wieder, creator of the company Wieder Design, born in 1995, which was already involved in the design of the stages of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, held in Düsseldorf, the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, held in Baku, and the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, held in Vienna. To accomplish this feat, Florian Wieder has had the additional collaboration of Stuart Barlow, who has been working on the Eurovision Song Contest since the 2011 edition, and Oleh Bodnarchuk, director of major Ukrainian television shows such as The Star Factory or The Voice.

The two main objectives of such a specific stage design are, on the one hand, symbolize Ukraine as the centre of Europe and, on the other hand, allow fans to be as close to the artists as possible. The dynamism is intended to create a different show in each of the performances. The design will feature a main stage supported by a large LED display and a secondary scenario stage symbolising an isle that will be located among the audience.

Since the last edition of the contest, several changes have taken place regarding the countries participating in the competition. Firstly, Bosnia & Herzegovina has withdrawn from Eurovision due to the economic problems that the Bosnian public television network BHRT has been dragging on since the last few years. Secondly, Portugal and Romania have been reinstated in the competition, this last thanks to the fact that in recent months it has been able to pay a debt amounting to more than 15 million euros to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). In third place we find the case of Russia, which was initially going to participate in this edition but finally decided to withdraw from the contest due to political tensions with the organizing country.

Semi-Final 1

1flag_Sweden_icoSwedenRobin BengtssonI Can’t Go On2273
2flag_Georgia_icoGeorgiaTako GachechiladzeKeep the Faith9911
3flag_Australia_icoAustraliaIsaiah FirebraceDon’t Come Easy1606
4flag_Albania_icoAlbaniaLindita HalimiWorld7614
5flag_Belgium_icoBelgiumBlancheCity Lights1654
6flag_Montenegro_icoMontenegroSlavko KalezićCity Lights5616
7flag_Finland_icoFinlandNorma JohnBlackbird9212
9flag_Portugal_icoPortugalSalvador SobralAmar Pelos Dois3701
10flag_Greece_icoGreeceDemyThis is Love11510
11flag_Poland_icoPolandKasia MośFlashlight1199
12flag_Moldova_icoMoldovaSunStroke ProjectHey mamma2912
14flag_Czech-Republic_icoCzech RepublicMartina BartaMy Turn8313
16flag_Armenia_icoArmeniaArtsvikFly with me1527
17flag_Slovenia_icoSloveniaOmar NaberOn My Way3617
18flag_Latvia_icoLatviaTriana ParkLine2118

Semi-Final 2

1flag_Serbia_icoSerbiaTijana BogićevićIn Too Deep9811
2flag_Austria_icoAustriaNathan TrentRunning On Air1477
3flag_Macedonia_icoFYR MacedoniaJana BurčeskaDance Alone6915
4flag_Malta_icoMaltaClaudia FanielloBreathlessly5516
5flag_Romania_icoRomaniaIlinca ft. Alex FloreaYodel It!1746
6flag_Netherlands_icoThe NetherlandsO’G3NELights and Shadows2004
7flag_Hungary_icoHungaryJoci PápaiOrigo2312
8flag_Denmark_icoDenmarkAnjaWhere I Am10110
9flag_Ireland_icoIrelandBrendan MurrayDying To Try8613
10flag_San-Marino_icoSan MarinoValentina Monetta & Jimmie WilsonSpirit Of The Night118
11flag_Croatia_icoCroatiaJacques HoudekMy Friend1418
12flag_Norway_icoNorwayJOWSTGrab The Moment1895
14flag_Belarus_icoBelarusNavibandHistoryja majho zyccia1109
15flag_Bulgaria_icoBulgariaKristian KostovBeautiful Mess4031
16flag_Lithuania_icoLithuaniaFusedmarcRain Of Revolution4217
17flag_Estonia_icoEstoniaKoit Toome & LauraVerona8514
18flag_Israel_icoIsraelImri ZivI Feel Alive2073


1flag_Israel_icoIsraelImri ZivI Feel Alive3923
2flag_Poland_icoPolandKasia MośFlashlight6422
3flag_Belarus_icoBelarusNavibandStory of My Life8317
4flag_Austria_icoAustriaNathan TrentRunning On Air9316
5flag_Armenia_icoArmeniaArtsvikFly with me7918
6flag_Netherlands_icoThe NetherlandsO’G3NELights and Shadows15011
7flag_Moldova_icoMoldovaSunStroke ProjectHey mamma3743
8flag_Hungary_icoHungaryJoci PápaiOrigo2008
9flag_Italy_icoItalyFrancesco GabbaniOccidentali’s karma3346
10flag_Denmark_icoDenmarkAnjaWhere I Am7720
11flag_Portugal_icoPortugalSalvador SobralAmar Pelos Dois7581
13flag_Croatia_icoCroatiaJacques HoudekMy Friend12813
14flag_Australia_icoAustraliaIsaiah FirebraceDon’t Come Easy1739
15flag_Greece_icoGreeceDemyThis is Love7719
16flag_Spain_icoSpainManel NavarroDo It for Your Lover526
17flag_Norway_icoNorwayJOWSTGrab The Moment15810
18flag_United-Kingdom_icoUnited KingdomLucie JonesNever give up on you11115
20flag_Romania_icoRomaniaIlinca ft. Alex FloreaYodel It!2827
21flag_Germany_icoGermanyLevinaPerfect Life625
23flag_Belgium_icoBelgiumBlancheCity Lights3634
24flag_Sweden_icoSwedenRobin BengtssonI Can’t Go On3445
25flag_Bulgaria_icoBulgariaKristian KostovBeautiful Mess6152


Oleksandr Skichko, Volodymyr Ostapchuk & Timur Miroshnychenko

 The three shows will be hosted by the joint participation of three TV personalities from Ukraine. The first one is Oleksandr Skichko, well-known Ukrainian presenter of programs such as Wake Up, Star Way and Sing Like A Star. The second one will be Volodymyr Ostapchuk, also host presenter, as well as actor and film dubber. Last but not least will be Timur Miroshnychenko, already well known in the Eurovision area for having led several editions of the Eurovision Ukrainian National Final, the Semi-final Assignment Draw of the current edition of the competition, and, most notably, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009, held in Kyiv.


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