Eurovision 2016 – Albania

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Artist: Eneda Tarifa
Song: Fairytale
Composer(s): Olsa Toqi
Writer(s): Olsa Toqi


Eneda Tarifa was born in Tirana on 30 March, 1982. Since she was six years old she has been demonstrating her talent for music by taking part in different activities at school. Later she studied philosophy and sociology.

In the course of her career as an artist, she has taken part in various concerts and charity events since 2004. One of her greatest successes came already in 2010 when she won the first prize in the popular Top Fest competition with the song Me veten, which became a hit in Albania and Kosovo. In 2011 Eneda started working as an actress and TV host of Portokalli, one of the most well-known evening shows in Albania.

This year’s Albanian Eurovision Song Contest representative is a true multi-talent: Eneda has written the lyrics to several songs for children and she has been a member of several juries for young talents. She has also demonstrated her skills as a director, together with one of Albania’s most acclaimed stars Arjan Culiqi. Together they created the comical soap opera Piruet which resulted in a huge success.

In December 2015 Eneda Tarifa won Festivali i Këngës with Përrallë, written by Olsa Toqi. The song will be presented in its English version, called Fairytale, in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm.

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This tale of love,
larger than dreams,
it may take a lifetime,
To understand what it means.
Many the tears,
cos all the craziness and rage,
Tale of love, the massage is Love can bring change.

Cos it’s you…only you
you I feel,
And I …oh I
I know in my soul this it’s real


And that’s why I love you..oh I
Yes I love you u..u..
And I’d fight for you
give my life for you
my heart

But comes a day when it’s not enough
and what you have the time is up
but it’s hard to turn a new page
In the tale, sweet tale of love
you will find the peace of heart that you crave



Kjo përrallë e do
Një shpërblim
Një fund nga ato
Siç vetëm unë e ti dimë

Me shumë lot
Se akoma ka shumë çmenduri
Me shpirt dhe vetëm, vetëm dashuri

Oh ti, je ajo ndjenjë
Që unë kam besim
Edhe frikën s’e ndjej

Unë ndaj të dua
Unë të dua
Edhe vdes për ty
E harroj për ty s’ka natë

Ndaj të dua
Unë të dua
Edhe vdes për ty
E harroj për ty s’ka natë

Vjen një kohë kur s’të mjafton
Ajo që ke, dhe përfundon
Veten bosh ti e gjen
Dhe aty unë vij tek ty
Është vendi ku shpirti im gjehet

Unë ndaj të dua
Unë të dua
Edhe vdes për ty
E harroj për ty s’ka natë

Ndaj të dua
Unë të dua
Edhe vdes për ty
E harroj për ty s’ka natë