Eurovision 2016 – Serbia

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Artist: Sanja Vučič
Song: Goodbye
Composer(s): Ivana Peters
Writer(s): Ivana Peters
Facebook: Vučić -452005081666399


ifteen years later, she has developed a voice to perform challenging songs of soul artists like Aretha Franklin, Beyoncé.

Nevertheless, Sanja developed her voice further with the opera diva Katarina Jovanović, who said that “it is important for Sanja to remain who she is and retain her distinctiveness”. Besides studying Arabic, Sanja is a lead vocalist in the band ZAA.

Sanja lives in Belgrade, but she adores her hometown of Kruševac. Now she will have the opportunity to get to know Stockholm. Her career is referred to as “a Serbian dream”, since she is a young girl who, thanks to her talent, managed to get the chance of a lifetime.

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I wish i could stop it, I wish I could fight it,
But there’s nothing I can do,
I thought that we were meant for each other
Oh, how I wish I knew you better

I played a fool so many times, can’t even count it.

Every time I say goodbye,
you try to keep me by your side
Gotta fight my way out of your hands,
find the shelter from the pain

Every time you say your lies,
I hide away and close my eyes,
I won’t let you tear my world apart,
gotta find a shelter for my heart

I thought that it was supposed to hurt me,
I thought that it was love,
I put my hands up but I won’t surrender
don’t need what doesn’t serve me any more

I lick my wounds so many times, so that I can keep on fighting.

Every time I say goodbye ….

Every time I say goodbye, you try to break me down


Au Revoir (Abri)

J’aimerais l’empêcher, J’aimerais m’y opposer,
Mais je n’y peut rien,
Je pensais que l’on était faits l’un pour l’autre,
Si seulement j’avais su

J’ai été naïve tant de fois
Que j’ai arrêté de compter

Chaque fois que je pars,
Tu essaie de me retenir à tes côtés
Je dois m’arracher à tes bras
Et trouver un abri de ma douleur

A chacun de tes mensonges,
Je m’enfuis les yeux fermés,
Tu ne briseras pas mon monde en morceaux
Je cherche un abri pour mon cœur

Je pensais que c’était censé me faire mal
Je pensais que c’était de l’amour
Je me relève et je ne me rendrai pas
Je rejette ce qui ne mène à rien

J’ai tant soigné mes propres blessures
Je continue le combat

Chaque fois que je pars…

Chaque fois que je pars, tu essaies de me briser