Junior Eurovision 2015 – Montenegro

Montenegro – RTCG
Broadcaster Website: http://www.rtcg.me JESC RTCG Website: http://www.rtcg.me/eurosong/junioreurovision.html


Artist: Jana Mirkovic
Song: Oluja (Storm)
Age: 15 years
Composer(s): Mirsad Serhatlić
Writer: Boban Novović, Jana Mirković
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/janamirkovicmusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jana_mirkovic
Instagram: https://instagram.com/jana_mirkovic


Jana Mirković is 15 years old, and comes from the capital city of Montenegro, Podgorica.

Jana has participated in many children festivals in countries such as Croatia (Essek Fest 2013), Serbia, Russia, Italy, FYR Macedonia (Tra La La 2010), her home country Montenegro, and Bulgaria (Grand Prix 2009, Varna), this year’s Junior Eurovision host country. She plays the piano and the violin, and has also released two albums, and is expecting her third to be out next year.

Besides music, Jana is also an experienced model and ballet dancer, and has attended the ballet school “Princeza Ksenija”, and the dancing school “Matriks”.  When she’s not studying, Jana also attends the UMS Talent School and special classes for TV journalism. Jana has already hosted a children’s television show in her home country!

In her free time, Jana likes to hang out with her friends and family, and enjoys the beautiful Montenegrin seaside and countryside. She says that she doesn’t need much to be happy, only her honest smile, a flower, hearing her favourite songs on the radio or and seeing other people’s happiness.

Jana enjoys listening to her favourite female artists, Jennifer Lopez and Barbara Streisand. She also love the songs of Sergej Ćetković and Knez, both of whom have represented Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest, and have sent Jana support for this Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Jana’s Eurovision hero is definitely Måns Zelmerlöw!

Exclusive Interview

Hello Jana! First of all, congratulations on having been selected to represent Montenegro at Junior Eurovision 2015!

Thank you Belén! <3

E+: How did you become the Montenegrin entrant at Junior Eurovision? Did RTCG ask you or you sent the proposal to the broadcaster?

RTCG invited me to represent them and Montenegro in JESC 2015. That is one of my biggest dreams and I was very happy to confirm the participation. This is the second time for Montenegro to be in Junior Eurovision, after last year’s Masa and Lejla performance.

E+: What did your friends say when you told them you were going to represent Montenegro at Junior Eurovision?

They were very happy! I feel grateful to have them because honest support is something that we all need, especially when I am into a huge project and very important in my music career, such as Junior Eurovision. My family is also here for me and plus team behind me, who helps me to this best as I can.

E+: Tell us what your song is about. What is the thing you like the most of “Oluja” (Storm)?

Oluja is a song about love and positive emotions. Young person can bring the energy, strength and love strong as storm.

E+: Your song is composed by the team behind the Eurovision 2007 winning entry “Molitva”. What does it mean for you? How was it the experience working with those talented composers?

The song was produced by Vladimir Graic Graja, who was the winning composer of Molitva by Marija Serifovic. Graja is one of the greatest composer and producers in Serbia, who did many hits and it’s such an honor to be working with him. The recording in his studio in Belgrade was easy and fast. He knows his job so good, so I have full trust in his work. My song is composed by Mirsad Serhatlic, who is very famous in Montenegro and lyrics are written by me and Boban Novovic.

E+: Your song was presented together with the official video. How was the shooting of the clip? Was there any funny anecdote?

We needed to delay the filming of music video for a couple of days, because we needed sunny weather for outdoor scenes and the days back then were only rainy and so cold, I was freezing. There was also and lot of fog up in Njegusi, so we caught one sunny day. It was very exciting; the directing crew was the one behind the Montenegrin TV 777 and they had great ideas, we wanted to combine modern things and tradition of Montenegro through costumes and locations. We did scenes in Njegusi, which is the town of old dynasty of Montenegro, Petrovici, and scenes in Budva, which is coastal city. We filmed in an old town encircled with stone walls and at the beach there. It was funny to film, because people around were looking at us. In some scenes, there are girls dancing, dressed in a costume of majorettes, which is a Montenegrin tradition because of the annual carnivals. It’s a positive story, full of love and good vibe.

E+: Can you reveal us anything about how your stage performance will look like? How about the costume?

My costume is made by fashion designer from Cetinje city, Ivana Murisc and choreography is done by Milica Cerovic, from Belgrade. I have great team behind and I love the work they did for me. But you will have to wait until Sofia to reveal it 🙂 .

E+: What do you expect from the upcoming experience at Junior Eurovision? What do you think it will mean for your musical career?

It will defiantly mark my children music career. This will be a new experience I will keep forever and I want to enjoy it. I always had a dream about performing in front of many people. I want to do my performance the best as I can. This is a unique feeling, I am representing not only myself, also my country Montenegro and many people who are involved in this project. I am looking forward to sharing with European youth good energy.

E+: Do you usually watch the senior Eurovision? Do you see yourself in the competition in the future?

Senior and Junior Eurovision are my favorite TV shows. I watch them every year and now I am part of it. Can you imagine the feeling? 🙂 . I can see myself there as well, but all in the right time.

E+: Tell us more about yourself, your favorite music style, favorite school subject, hobbies, musical career….

I love Eurovision the winner Måns Zelmerlöw!, and Greek singer Helena Paparizou.. I listen to regional pop music and mainstream. I love Sergej Cetkovic and Nenad Knezevic Knez, who represented Montenegro in Eurovision 2014 and 2015, and also gave me support for this event! Moreover, Jennifer Lopez and Barbara Streisand are my favorite female vocals.

I am in the first grade of Podgorica’s gymnasium, studying sciences. I adore anything that has to do with maths, chemistry and physics! Is it weird for a girl? 😛 . When I have free time, which is rare lately because of JESC preparations, I love going to the Montenegrin seaside, just to sit next to the coast and enjoy the beautiful smell of the sea 🙂 . I love spending time with my family and friends, who are very supportive and I am blessed to have them next to me.

E+: What do you feel while singing on stage? Do you have any lucky charm you carry during your performances?

I am trying to concentrate on breathing and be focused. At the same time, I enjoy every moment on stage, because music is part of me. Whenever I sing, my goal is to share energy and message through music and to connect with the audience in front. Music is powerful, honest and deep and unites us all. That’s why I love Eurovision. It connects all the Europe (and Australia 😉 ) No matter our race, religion.., we are all people there. That’s how it should be in everyday’s life.

E+: If you could be invisible for a day what would you do?

If I could be invisible, I would love to make every child happy, feed homeless people and make world live in peace.

E+: Can you send a message for our readers and Junior Eurovision fans?

My song Oluja is song about love so we should all respect and love each other. Love is beautiful and you don’t need much to be happy 🙂 .

Thank you very much for your time and see you in Sofia!

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 Official Video  TV Interview



Oluja se negdje sad čuje
Moje srce sreću sad kuje

Tamo gdje sam ja
Oluja sa neba
Stiže sad u snove tvoje,
Tamo gdje sam ja,
Ko grom iz oblaka
Udaram u srce tvoje

Osjećaš li sad, dolazim ti ja, oluja se strašna sad diže

Neuhvatljiva, za druge sam ja,
Ko vjetar u prozoru mome
Neodoljiva, od jave i sna
Prolazim kroz srce tvoje
Ta oluja sam ja

Kao rosa sam, sa tvojih usana, osjećam da si mi bliže

Neuhvatljiva, za druge sam ja
Kao magla u prozoru mome
Neodoljiva od jave i sna
Prolazim kroz srce tvoje

Neuhvatljiva, za druge sam ja,
Ko vjetar u prozoru tvome
Neodoljiva, od jave i sna
Čuješ li kako te zovem
Ta oluja sam ja


The storm is getting closer
My heart is beating faster

There where I am
The storm from the sky
Is coming into your life
There where I am
Like thunder from the cloud
Is passing straight through your heart

Can you feel me now, I am coming to you, the love is rising above

Elusive I am, for everyone else
Like wind at the open sea land
Sweetest thing you have, give me your hand
I am passing through your life
The storm is all about me

Can you feel me now, I am coming to you, I feel you closer to me

Elusive I am, for everyone else
Like wind at the open sea land
Sweetest thing you have, give me your hand
I am passing through your life


Бурята приближава
Сърцето ми бие все по-бързо

Там, където съм аз
Бурята в небето
Идва в живота ти
Там, където съм аз
Като гръмотевица в облаците
Преминава директно през сърцето ти

Усещаш ли ме сега, идвам за теб, любовта е над всичко

Неуловима съм, за всички други
Като вятър на морската шир
Най-сладкото нещо, което имаш, дай ми ръката си
Минавам през живота ти
Бурята е над мен

Усещаш ли ме сега, идвам за теб, усещам те по-близо до мен

Неуловима съм, за всички други
Като вятър на морската шир
Най-сладкото нещо, което имаш, дай ми ръката си
Минавам през живота ти
Бурята е над мен