Junior Eurovision 2015 – Ukraine

Ukraine – NTU
Broadcaster Website: http://1tv.com.ua JESC NTU Website: http://1tv.com.ua/programs/jesc2015


Artist: Anna Trincher
Song: Pochny z sebe
Age: 14 years
Composer(s): Anna Trincher, Vadim Lisitsa, Alyosha,
Writer(s): Anna Trincher, Vadim Lisitsa, Alyosha,
Website:   –
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anna.trincher
VK: https://vk.com/trincherofficial


Anna’s mother noticed her daughter’s ear for music when she was very little; at the age of only four, she could easily remember melodies and lyrics from unfamiliar songs and mimic them. She started attending music school at the age of nine, first focusing on a traditional Ukrainian lute, the bandura, then transitioning to vocal performance. She soon joined a local choir, where she quickly became a soloist, and the group performed all over Ukraine at a number of social and cultural events. Beyond her involvement with the choir, Anna writes songs of her own, and also plays in a band on the weekends, playing covers of famous hits with her friends.

She’s no stranger to musical competition. In the past, Anna has participated in a number of musical competitions and festivals, including the “Nightingale of Ukraine”, the “My Chance” on-line competition, the musical division of the International Turkish Olympiad, Music Academy of Eurovision 2015“New Wave” 2015, the Ukrainian edition of “The Voice Kids” (mentored by singer Natalia Mogilevska), and the 2014 Junior Eurovision National Final before clinching the ticket to Sofia with her win at this year’s National Final this past August.

Anna is very active in school, with a particular interest in Algebra and Geometry, as well as English, because it gives her the chance to communicate with new friends from all over the world.

Looking towards her future, Anna’s biggest goal at the moment is to honorably represent Ukraine at this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, but beyond that, she’d love to hold her own solo concert, with an audience full of her friends, family, and fans. Her biggest dream, however, is to perform a duet with Beyoncé.

Anna finds support in her family and close friends as she moves forward in her path to become a singer, but it’s her belief in both God and herself that drives her in both her creative work as well as her day-to-day life.

Source: junioreurovision.tv

Exclusive Interview

Anna Trincher: “My song is about changes: if you want to change something in life you should start with yourself”


Hello Anna! First of all, congratulations on winning the Ukrainian national selection for Junior Eurovision 2015!

E+: How did you feel when you were named the winner of the Ukrainian national selection? Did you expect such an awesome ending?

Anna Trincher: The emotions were unforgettable! It’s a feeling of blast, adrenalin and inner flight! Every time when I recollect it the feelings are breathtaking. Of course, I wanted to win as all the participants and I believed in the victory. But one thing is to believe and the other one is when you are announced a winner on stage and you can’t believe till the end that your dream has come true.

E+: You already took part at the Ukrainian national selection last year; why did you decide to take part again?

Anna Trincher: Yes, I participated at the national selection last year and I was in the final. This year I decided to get back my own. It’s very important for me to reach my aims since I am working hard for this. I am working with the vocal coach every day for hours, having acting classes and choreography classes. Moreover, learning foreign languages helps me to perform songs not only in Ukrainian and Russian and I can be heard and understood by bigger audience.

E+: Tell us what your song is about. What is the thing you like the most of “Pochny z Sebe”?

Anna Trincher: Nowadays people are more thinking about how to change the world for better. My song is about changes: if you want to change something in life you should first of all start with yourself. Not everybody is able to change but the changes are possible only when we will pay more attention to the moral and spiritual development. I like this song very much, it has a rising tone, peak and it is vocally suitable to me. Most of all I like the lyrics, especially the following lines: “Because we all are so saint, we all are so pure, But the truth has a bitter taste”.

E+: Will you revamp the song for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest or you will keep the original version?

Anna Trincher: Let it be a surprise for you.

E+: Are you planning to shoot an official video clip to introduce your song “Pochny z Sebe”?

Anna Trincher: Probably we will make a video-clip since the song is really nice and thanks to it Ukraine believed in me. It’s more likely that the video-clip will be shot. But frankly speaking, I am thinking about Bulgaria right now to represent Ukraine at JESC on a high possible level.

E+: It is too soon maybe, but have you already decided about how your stage performance will look like? How about the costume?

Anna Trincher: If it’s a surprise it stops to be a surprise if we tell about it beforehand. Please, be patient and I’ll try to come as a surprise very soon.

E+: What do you expect from the upcoming experience at Junior Eurovision? What do you think it will mean for your musical career?

Anna Trincher: First of all, it’s a big experience for me since I am planning to connect my life with stage and music. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to get acquainted with new people from other countries. Junior Eurovision is a great step forward since it is one of the greatest song contests.

E+: Do you usually watch the senior Eurovision? Would you like to take part in the future?

Anna Trincher: Of course, I watch Eurovision every year. I am very sorry that Ukraine didn’t participate at ESC last year. Of course, in future I’d like to represent Ukraine at ESC all the more I will have the experience in Junior Eurovision.

E+: If you had to choose a Ukrainian act to compete at Eurovision, what would be your choice?

Anna Trincher: I suppose that the group The Hardkiss is worth representing Ukraine at ESC. I think they could bring Eurovision to Ukraine.

E+: This year, you took part at “The Voice of Ukraine”, how did you experience it? Ruslan Aslanov, who is representing Belarus, also competed there; have you listened to his song “Volshebstvo”?

Anna Trincher: “The Voice of Ukraine. Kids” was a serious start for me. It was an exciting and unforgettable travelling to the backstage of the Ukrainian show-business. Of course, I supported Ruslan at the national final and when the results were known we congratulated each other. After the TV project “The Voice of Ukraine. Kids” we met each other many times and now we support our friendship.

E+: Tell us more about yourself, your favourite music style, favourite school subjects, hobbies, musical career….

Anna Trincher: I am a very social, cheerful and sincere person. I am a music lover, I listen to all music depending on the mood. I adore Beyoncé, often listen to Bring me the horizon, Mumford and sons and also Tina Karol. Among school subjects I like English. I don’t like biology, chemistry and physics since there are a lot of material to learn but only small part of it will come in handy in life. But English is always important and useful. I also like collecting things. Now I am collecting beautiful notebooks.

E+: What do you feel while singing on stage? Do you have any lucky charm you carry during your performances?

Anna Trincher: First of all it’s energy. If you unite all the emotions and feelings, there is no such word invented that could describe it, it’s something fantastic! My lucky charm is a next-to-skin cross and a fair mom.

E+: If you had the chance, which singer would you choose to sing in a duet with?

Anna Trincher: First of all I’d choose Beyoncé. For me she is a Goddess of the stage. I’d also like to sing with Natalia Mogilevskaia and Tina Karol.

E+: If you could be invisible for a day what would you do?

Anna Trincher: I don’t need it since I try to reach all my aims by myself.

E+: Can you send a message for our readers and Junior Eurovision fans?

Anna Trincher: One should always develop morally and spiritually, in any life situations don’t forget to stay humane, kind-hearted and cheerful. Our life feels our mood. There is such a statement: every morning tell to yourself – happiness, it’s time for us to get up!”

Thank you very much for your time and see you in Sofia! 

National Selection

Ukrainian National Final for Junior Eurovision 2015

  1. Group “Voice Land” – “Dytynstvo”
  2. Nastya Tkachuk – “Moya Zemlya”
  3. Group “Fresh” – “Zhyvy Na Povnu”
  4. Alisa Panchuk – “Spivay”
  5. Hanna Katrina – “Fly”
  6. Group “Zabava” – “Lety”
  7. Nina Boykova – “Rozmalyuy Moyi Sny”
  8. Mariya Karogodska – “V Sertsi Muzyka Ye”
  9. Sofia Dobryvecher – “My Khochemo Myru”
  10. Anna Trincher – “Pochny Z Sebe”
  11. Sofia Yaremova – “Salsa”
  12. Yarina Taras – “Povir u Chudesa” (Malenke Sertse Zminyt Svit)
  13. Nazar Stiniavskyi – “Come-on”
  14. Victoriya Svyatogor – “Sylna. Vilna”


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 Message for ESC+Plus  Live at National Final  Studio Version



Якщо вважав, що люди різні,
Життя – театр, а очі – призма,
Чому тоді радіє серце
Коли інше поруч б’ється?
Коли на колінах вже до Бога
Кричить душа, зірвавши голос.
А вже кінець, а як сказати:
«я ж твоя сестра, брате!»
Де твоя душа, людство?
Ми всі забули, хто ми є,
Кожного любов іде в люстро
Так там і зникає.
Ну хто із нас не хотів змінити
Війну на мир, темінь на світло,
А що з себе треба починати
Ніхто і не хоче визнати.
Бо ми ж всі святі, такі всі чисті,
А правда має гіркий присмак
Коли чорне серце вже не чує
Брате, як тебе люблю я!
Це ж я!
Humanity, please no more war
We have forgotten who we are
All our love goes into the mirror
And there dissolved in the dark

All our love goes into the mirror
And there dissolved in the dark


Yakshcho vvazhav, shcho liudy rizni,
Zhyttia – teatr, a ochi – pryzma,
Chomu todi radiie sertse,
Kolu inshe poruch bietsia?
Koly na kolinakh vzhe do Boha
Krychyt’ dusha, zirvavshu holos.
A vzhe kinets’, a yak skazaty:
“Ya zh tvoia sestra, brate!”
De zh tvoia dusha, liudstvo?
My vsi zabuly, khto my ye,
Kozhnoho liubov ide v liustro
Tak tam I znukaie.
Nu khto iz nas ne khotiv zminyty
Viynu na myr, temin’ na svitlo,
A shcho z sebe treba pochynaty
Nikhto I ne khoche vyznaty.
Bo my zh vsi sviati, tak vsi chysti,
A pravda maie hirkyi prysmak,
Koly chorne sertse vzhe ne chuie
“Brate, yak tebe liubliu ya!
Tse zh ya!”
Humanity, please, no more war.
We have forgotten who we are.
All our love goes into the mirror
And there dissolved in the dark.
All our love goes into the mirror
And there dissolved in the dark.


If you think that people are different,
Life is a theater, and eyes are a prism,
Then why does the heart rejoice
When another one is beating nearby?
When, already on the knees, the soul cries out
To God, having strained its voice.
But it is the end already, and how to say,
“I am you sister, brother!”?
Where is your soul, humanity?
We all have forgotten who we are,
The love of each one goes into the mirror
And dissolves there.
Who of us did not wish to change
War into peace, the darkness into the light,
But nobody wants to recognize
That everybody should start from themselves.
Because we all are so saint, we all are so pure,
But the truth has a bitter taste
When the black heart does not hear already
“Brother, I love you so much!
It is me!”
Humanity, please, no more war.
We have forgotten who we are.
All our love goes into the mirror
And there dissolved in the dark.
All our love goes into the mirror
And there dissolved in the dark.


Ако мислиш, че хората са различни
Животът е театър, а очите ти – призма
Тогава защо сърцето се радва
Когато друго бие наблизо?

Когато си вече на коленете и душата ти плаче отвътре
За Бога, когато гласът ти се обтегнал
Но това вече е краят, как да кажеш
“Аз съм сестра ти, братко!”?

Къде е душата ти, хуманността?
Забравили сме кои сме всъщност
Любовта ни един към друг отива в огледалото
И изчезва там.

Кой от нас не иска да превърне
Войната в мир, мракът в светлина
Но никой не иска да признае
Че трябва да започнем от самите нас
Защото всички сме светци, всички сме толкова чисти
Но истината има горчив вкус
Когато черното сърце не чува
“Братко, обичам те толкова много!
Това съм аз!”

Хората, моля ви, не искам повече война
Забравили сме кои сме
Всичката любовта отива в огледалото
И изчезва в тъмното.
Всичката любовта отива в огледалото
И изчезва в тъмното.